To the Editor:

I am grateful to the authors of this letter for their continued interest in this subject over many decades, and their past support for the WHO Classification of Tumours. Governance matters, and it was quite clear that the CAC mechanism did not meet our requirements and could not continue alongside the editorial board for the reasons given in my editorial [1]. While the correspondents may find this disappointing, the new edition of the Haematolymphoid volume has been thoroughly reorganised and rewritten with the help of 420 authors and editors with multidisciplinary expertise and worldwide representation, including many members of the European Association for Haematopathology and the Society for Hematopathology, according to our published methodology [2, 3]. The Haematolymphoid Tumours volume (5th ed.) is now published online in beta format [4] and readers can judge for themselves how we’ve done, with the opportunity for feedback from our website. Personally, I am very grateful to all involved who have worked tirelessly to achieve an excellent hierarchical classification as well as a level of detailed description of these disorders that have never been bettered.


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