Table 1 Patient cohorts in somatic variant analysis.

From: Somatic mutations in lymphocytes in patients with immune-mediated aplastic anemia

Dataset Number of subjects Purpose
Immunogene panel sequencing of immune-mediated AA patients 24 To investigate somatic mutations in T cells
Immunogene panel sequencing of healthy individuals 20 PON for immunogene panel samples and comparison of adjusted mutation burden for AA samples
Skin WES of patients with AA 9 PON for WES samples and immunogene panel samples
CD3+ and CD3− MNC WES of patients with AA [13] 37 To compare CH derived mutations with somatic mutations seen in T cells
  1. AA aplastic anemia, PON panel of normals, WES whole-exome sequencing, MNC mononuclear cell, CH clonal hematopoiesis.