Table 1 Shared risk factors between ALL, type 1 diabetes and allergies in children.

From: Can we prevent childhood Leukaemia?

Risk factor for ALL Risk Type 1 diabetes (ref.) Allergy (ref.)
Day-care attendance Down +[72]a +[73]
Breastfeeding Down +[74]a +[75]a
C-section birth Up +[76]a +[77]
  1. Risk factors for ALL (reviewed in [7]) also reported (+) for type I diabetes or allergies. There are some caveats to this summary. There is some heterogeneity of results reported and variation in parameters measured that could be important for immune priming in infancy, e.g. age and time spent in day care and length of time breastfeeding. Type of allergies or asthma measured is another variable. These data merit further scrutiny.
  2. aMeta-analysis study.