Myelodysplastic syndrome

Genomic landscape of MDS/CMML associated with systemic inflammatory and autoimmune disease

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Fig. 1: Clinical and molecular comparison between SIAD and control cohorts.
Fig. 2: T-cell cytometry analysis and correlation between the genotype and the immunological landscape.


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This study was supported by a grant from the French Ministry of Health and the French National Cancer Institute (#PRT-K 2017-109). It was also supported by research grants from the Association Laurette Fugain (#ALF 2016-07), the Association Force Hémato (Call for projects 2017), the Association pour la Recherche en Immunologie Médicale et Expérimentale (ARIME), and the Association Saint-Louis. The authors also thank Niclas Setterblad, Antonio Alberdi, Marc Delord, Sophie Duchez, and the Technological Platform of the IRSL for their support. The “EMiLy” U1160 INSERM unit is a member of the OPALE Carnot institute.

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LPZ analyzed the clinical data. MB performed experiments, analyzed biological results, and made figures. CA, LA, and JK performed experiments. EC, MS, CP, AMR, and RI provided clinical information. KB analyzed data. ME, KB, AT, AM, OF, and PF provided scientific expertise. ND designed biological experiments and analyzed data. LA designed the study and wrote the manuscript with LPZ and ND. All authors critically reviewed the manuscript and gave final approval for submission.

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Correspondence to Lionel Adès.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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