Novel invariant features of Good syndrome

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Fig. 1: Overlapping relationships between Good syndrome, large granular lymphocytic leukemia, and pure red cell aplasia.


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Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation research grant (to JPM), R01HL118281, R01HL123904, R01HL132071, R35HL135795 (to JPM); and Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation MDS Research Fund (to VV) and American Italian Cancer Foundation (to CG).

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CG and JD analyzed and interpreted the data and wrote the manuscript. AK and SP performed statistical analyses. HA, VA, CMK, VV, SK, and JRC helped in generating data and took part in samples’ selection. AL and BJP helped collecting patients’ samples. MAS reviewed the manuscript and provided important feedback on the manuscript. JPM conceived the idea, designed the study, collected clinical samples, and wrote the manuscript. All co‐authors edited and approved the paper.

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Correspondence to Jaroslaw P. Maciejewski.

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