Table 3 Hematologic responses, times to response, and durations of response

From: Enasidenib, an inhibitor of mutant IDH2 proteins, induces durable remissions in older patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia

  Patients with newly diagnosed AML N = 39
Overall response rate (ORR),a n(%) 30.8% (12/39)
 95% CI 17.0, 47.6
Best response, n(%)
  Complete remission (CR) 7 (18)
  CR with incomplete count recovery (CRi/CRp) 1 (3)
  Partial remission 2 (5)
  Morphologic leukemia-free state 2 (5)
  Stable disease,b n(%) 19 (49)
  Disease progression, n(%) 1 (3)
  Not evaluable,c n(%) 7 (18)
Time to first response, months, median (range) 1.9 (1.0–3.8)
Time to best response, months, median (range) 3.7 (1.0–12.9)
Duration of any response, months, median [95% CI] NR [7.4, NR]
Time to CR, months, median (range) 5.6 (3.4–12.9)
Duration of CR, months, median [95% CI] NR [3.7, NR]
  1. aOverall response included complete remission (CR), CR with incomplete count recovery, partial remission, and morphologic leukemia-free state, per modified IWG 2003 response criteria for AML
  2. bFailure to achieve a response but not meeting criteria for disease progression, sustained for a period of ≥8 weeks
  3. cPatients discontinued before undergoing a clinical response assessment
  4. 95% CI, 95% confidence interval; NR not reached