Acute myeloid leukemia

PGC-1α driven mitochondrial biogenesis in stromal cells underpins mitochondrial trafficking to leukemic blasts

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The authors thank the Rosetrees Trust and the Norwich Research Park Doctoral Training Program for funding. They also thank Professor Richard Ball, Dr. Mark Wilkinson, Mr. Iain Sheriffs, and Ms. Sue Steel, Norwich Biorepository (UK) for help with sample collection and storage. pCDH-luciferase-T2A-mCherry was kindly gifted by Professor Irmela Jeremias, MD, from Helmholtz Zentrum München, Munich, Germany. The authors also thank Dr. Allyson Tyler, Dr. Ian Thirkettle, and Dr. Karen Ashurst from the Laboratory Medicine Department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital for technical assistance.

Authorship contributions

CRM, KMB. and SAR designed the research; CRM performed the research; CRM and REP carried out in vivo work; LZ, LRB, MAS, CJI, AC, and KMB provided essential knowledge and reagents; CRM, KMB, and SAR wrote the paper

Author information

Correspondence to Kristian M. Bowles or Stuart A. Rushworth.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Marlein, C.R., Zaitseva, L., Piddock, R.E. et al. PGC-1α driven mitochondrial biogenesis in stromal cells underpins mitochondrial trafficking to leukemic blasts. Leukemia 32, 2073–2077 (2018) doi:10.1038/s41375-018-0221-y

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