Table 5 Additional HCPs’ and hospital initiatives to support infants and families during COVID-19.

From: Care of hospitalized infants and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic: an international survey

Theme Intervention
Foster family- infant connectedness Use of digital technology
Allowance of mobile phone use in the unit
Creation of infant photos/videos
Send photos/videos to families
Encouragement of use of diary
Online visiting
Online medical rounds
Online multidisciplinary rounds
Enhance family-staff communication Briefings with parents outside unit
Telephone calls
Updates about infant situation and changes
Weekly letter, Newsletters
Written information and education
Create additional resources Meals for primary caregiver
Financial charity support
Check-ins from social worker, chaplain, child life specialist
Proactive outreach to parents by staff
Increased offer of psychological support
Increase in nursing staff
Telehealth for parents’ education
Education on COVID-19 prevention
Early discharge and phone follow up
Signage in hospital