Table 2 Description of the behaviors used in regression analysis and hypothesized to influence PFAS exposure

From: Serum concentrations of PFASs and exposure-related behaviors in African American and non-Hispanic white women

Behavior Description Response levels
  During the past month…  
Non-stick cookware How often did you eat food prepared using non-stick cookware? Never, ever
Microwave popcorn How often did you eat popcorn made in microwave popcorn bags? Never, ever
Glide floss How often did you use Oral-B Glide dental floss? Never, ever
Coated cardboard containers How often did you eat pizza, french fries, or other takeout food from coated cardboard containers? Never, low, higha
Seafood Did you eat any fish or seafood purchased at the grocery store or caught in California waters? Never, ever
  In the past five years…  
Stain-resistant carpet and furniture How many pieces of furniture or carpets in your home are treated for stain-resistance (pre-treated or spray treatment applied in-home)? None, one or more
  1. aResponse levels for the individual variables (never or almost never, several times a month, two or more times a week, and every day) were converted to day-equivalents (1, 4, 12, and 28 days) and summed. Response levels for the combined variable are defined as ≤ 3 days (never), 6–14 days (low), and ≥ 17 days (high)