Table 4 Unmapped Foresight obesity system map domains and nodes

From: Can big data solve a big problem? Reporting the obesity data landscape in line with the Foresight obesity system map

Foresight domains Foresight nodes
1. Societal influences 1.9 Peer pressure
1.10 Conceptualisation of obesity as a disease
1.13 Perceived lack of time
1.14 Parental control
2. Individual psychology 2.5 Food literacy
2.7 Conscious control of accumulation
2.8 Desire to resolve tension
2.11 Perceived inconsistency of science based messages
3. Individual physical activity 3.8 Degree of physical education
3.9 Degree of innate activity in childhood
3.10 Parental modelling of activity
3.11 Learned activity patterns in early childhood
4. Physical activity environment 4.5 Sociocultural valuation of activity
4.8 Safety of un-motorised transport
5. Physiology 5.3 Level of thermogenesis
5.8 Importance of physical need
5.9 Effort to acquire energy
5.10 Tendency to preserve energy
5.11 Strength of lock-in to accumulate energy
5.15 Predisposition to activity
5.17 Level of adipocyte metabolism
5.18 Appropriateness of nutrient partitioning
5.21 Level of satiety
5.22 Degree of optimal gastrointestinal signalling
5.23 Extent of digestion and absorption
6. Food production 6.5 Effort to increase efficiency of consumption
6.7 Effort to increase efficiency of production
6.14 Cost of ingredients
7. Food consumption 7.2 Children’s control of diet
7.10 Palatability of food offerings