Table 1 Phenotype of Rubicon-deficient mouse models.

From: The roles of the inhibitory autophagy regulator Rubicon in the heart: A new therapeutic target to prevent cardiac cell death

Rubicon model Stress Phenotype Ref.
Systemic knockout Aging Activates basal autophagy, reduces age-associated features 48
LPS injection Protects against lethality and contributes to maintaining cardiac stroke volume 45
Neuronal knockout (Nestin-cre) α-Syn fibrils Suppresses expansion of α-synuclein pathology 48
Hepatocyte knockout (Alb-cre) HFD (high fat diet) Ameliorates liver steatosis 50
Cardiomyocyte knockout (Myh6-cre) I/R Attenuates I/R injury and reduces autosis 8
Adipocyte knockout (Adipoq-cre) Aging Promotes metabolic disorder due to excess autophagy 49