Table 1 Comparison of the biochemical and cellular properties of Nm23-H1 and Nm23-H2.

From: Activation of Nm23-H1 to suppress breast cancer metastasis via redox regulation

  Nm23-H1 (NME1) Nm23-H2 (NME2)
Sequence N- and C-termini
(Bold: Kpn loop aa 94–114, Active site H118)
H1 1mancertfia10 94tnpadskpgtirgdfci qvgrniihgs120 140dytsca146
H2 1manlertfia10 94tnpadskpgtirgdfci qvgrniihgs120 140dyksca146
Biological activities NDP kinase activity & histidine kinase activity (active site H118) metastasis suppressor activity (NME1>NME2)
3′–5′ exonuclease activity Transactivation activity on c-myc
Cancer relationship Highly related in cancer metastasis suppression and prognosis of cancer patients Less involvement in suppression of cancer metastasis
Stability30 Unstable (easily oxidized) Very stable
Cellular location Cytoplasm Cytoplasm and nucleus
Active structure Homo- or hetero-hexamer structure (in mammals)
Interacting proteins35 Dynamin91
KSR-1/213, CKI28, Aurora-A/STK1592, EBNA-1& EBNA-3C31, Rad33, Tiam134, Dbl-132, h-Prune93, MIF94, p53/STRAP95, VHL96, CDC4297 and other small GTPase-interacting proteins37 TRF198, MDM299, ICAP1α100 etc.