Table 2 Homologous recombination factors.

From: Maintenance of genome integrity and active homologous recombination in embryonic stem cells

  Human Functions
Recombinase RAD51 DNA-dependent ATPase activity (53)
Homologous to the bacterial RecA (53)
Binds to single-stranded DNA (53)
Catalyzes the strand exchange and recognition of homology (53)
DMC1 Meiosis-specific homology search and strand invasion (53)
Repairs of meiotic double-strand breaks (53)
Regulators RAD52 Promotes Rad51-dependent homologous recombination (53)
Promotes the annealing of complementary ssDNA (18)
Interacts with RAD51 and RPA (53)
BRCA2 Mediates DNA strand invasion (40)
Recombination mediator activity (53)
Stabilizes RAD51-ssDNA filaments by blocking ATP hydrolysis (40)
Recombination mediator bound in ssDNA (51)
Promote Rad51-dependent homologous recombination (53)
dsDNA-dependent ATPase (53)
Involve in DNA repair and mitotic recombination (15,17)
Stimulate of the RAD51/DMC1-regulated D-loop reaction (54)
RAD51AP1 Promotes D-loop formation by Rad51 (53)
SWI5-MEI5 Mediator activity (54)
MND1-HOP2 Stabilization of RAD51/DMC1 presynaptic filaments (53)
PCNA Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (17)
DNA polymerase processivity factor (17)
PALB2 Promotes BRCA2 localization and stability in nuclear structure (40)
Partner and localizer of BRCA2, also known as FANCN (40)
RPA Highly conserved eukaryotic ssDNA binding protein (19)
Stabilization of single-stranded DNA intermediates (36)
Activity in DNA replication, recombination and repair (36)
Important in the process of second-end capture with RAD52 (51)
Resolution FANCM DNA-dependent ATPase (54)
Helicase and strand migration activity (53)
Resolution of meiotic recombination intermediates (54)
BLM Central regulator of most of the recombination events (53)
ATP-dependent DNA helicase (53)
Stimulates DNA Holliday junction dissolution and DNA 4-way junction branch migration (53)
GEN1 Holliday junction resolvase (63)
Promotes template switching (63)
RTEL1 ATP-dependent DNA helicase (53)
Promotes noncrossover repair by meiotic SDSA (53)
Disassembly of D-loop recombination intermediates (53)
SLX1-SLX4 Holliday junction resolvase (53)
Cleaving replication fork (53)
DNA2 ssDNA-dependent ATPase (53)
Nuclease involved in long resection (53)
EXO1 5′ overhang endonuclease (53)
Long resection of DNA ends generating 3-overhangs (53)
RNaseH activity (53)
MLH1 Meiosis-specific dHJ resolvase in crossover (53)