Table 2 Blocking STING-dependent innate immunity by RNA virus infection

From: STING signaling and host defense against microbial infection

VirusViral genesMechanismsReferences
HCVNS4BDisrupts the interaction between STING and TBK.75,76
DENVNS2B3Targets and cleavages wild type human STING to prevent type I IFN production.78,79,81
NS2BTargets cGAS to prevent mitochondrial DNA sensing released during DENV infection.80
ZIKVNS2B3Cleaves R78 and G79 in the cytoplasmic loop of human STING.83
NS1Recruits the deubiquitinase USP8 to cleave K11-linked ubiquitin chains of caspase-1 and the caspase-1 targets to cGAS for cleavage.84
IAVFPInteracts with STING to antagonize type I IFN production.89