Table 2: Demographics of subjects with CMA and the healthy reference group

From: A synbiotic-containing amino-acid-based formula improves gut microbiota in non-IgE-mediated allergic infants

 Test (N=35)Control (N=36)Total CMA (N=71)Healthy subjects (N=51)
Age at baseline (months)
 Mean (SD)5.67 (3.24)6.33 (2.71)6.00 (2.98)7.84 (3.25)
Sex (%)
Race (%)
 Combination of above/other2.
Mode of delivery (%)
 Caesarean section20.041.731.013.7
Country of residence (%)
 United Kingdom60.069.464.829.4
  1. CMA, cow’s milk allergy. Healthy subjects: healthy breastfed reference group.
  2. N is number of subjects. Denominator for % is number of subjects in the treatment group with non-missing data.