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325 Iugr Affects Long Term Postischemic Neovascularization Capacity


Introduction: Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of premature death. The severity of such diseases has been suggested to result from insufficient angiogenesis processes. Low birth weight is now recognized as a risk factor of mortality for such disease. However, the vascular repair capacity after ischemia in IUGR adult offspring is unknown.

Objective: To show how postischemic neovascularization capacity is affected in 12 mo-old adult IUGR rat offspring (maternal gestational low protein diet).

Material and Methods: The unilateral hind limb ischemia model by femoral artery resection was used to study the neovascular capacity; the controlateral hind limb served as a reference for each animal. Laser Doppler imaging was used to assess blood flow perfusion in both hind limb after ischemia. Capillary densities of the anterior tibial muscle from both controlateral and ischemic limbs was measured at day 21.

Results: After ischemia, IUGR offspring showed marked decreased blood flow in ischemic hind limb from day 1 (-60 % vs -40 % in IUGR and control offspring, p < 0.05). At day 21, while ischemia promoted neovascularization in control offspring (+ 22 %), vascular density was decreased in IUGR ischemic hind limb by 30 % (p < 0.05). Moreover, muscle capillary density of non-ischemic hind limb was higher in IUGR as compared with control offspring (+ 20 %, p < 0.05).

Conclusion: Postischemic neovascularization capacity following hind limb ischemia is affected in IUGR adult rat offspring. Angiogenic repair pathways, more than basal capillary density, may be affected in such condition.

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Boubred, F., Guillet, B., Grandvuillemin, I. et al. 325 Iugr Affects Long Term Postischemic Neovascularization Capacity. Pediatr Res 68, 167 (2010).

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