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253 Sensitization to Inhaled Allergens in Children with Eczema. Ecap Study


Although it is generally agreed that sensitization is an important risk factor for allergic diseases, the extent to which sensitization accounts for eczema (AD) symptoms in children is uncertain. In Poland the multicentre, wide-ranging, standardized, randomized epidemiological research was required.

Aim: To estimate the prevalence of skin sensitization to aeroallergens in Polish children with eczema (AD).

Material and method: The presenting paper is a part of Epidemiology of Allergy in Poland study (ECAP). The ECAP study was conducted using the ISAAC standards, in selected nine regions of Poland. We studied 4510 (24.2%) 6-7 year-old and 4721 (25.4%) 13-14 year-old children, and 1583 children (25%) have performed a medical examination and skin prick test (SPT) with the 15 most common aeroallergens. The diagnosis of AD was based on Hanifin-Rajka criteria.

Results: Eczema was diagnosed in 233 (14.7%) children. Positive SPT was in 60.3% (n=70) 6-7yr children with eczema and 69.2% (n=81) 13-14 yr. vs 26.1% (n=183), 28.8% (n=187) without eczema. The most frequent positive SPT was for Dermatophagoides farinea 27,7% (6-7 year-old), 33,4% (13-14 year-old) and Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus 29,3% and 32,4% respectively. The most rare was for mould 6% and 8,6%. The positive SPT was more prevalent in older children with AD (13.8% vs 28.2%).

Conclusions: Aeroallergens play essential role in pathogenesis of eczema in children. House dust mite and grass pollen proved to be the most common relevant aeroallergens. The association of eczema symptoms with sensitization is more significant in the older children.

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Sybilski, A., Maksymiuk, M., Michalczuk, M. et al. 253 Sensitization to Inhaled Allergens in Children with Eczema. Ecap Study. Pediatr Res 68, 131 (2010).

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