Pharmacokinetics of vitamin E (E, mg/dl) were evaluated in 28 preterm infants following intravenous infusion of doses of dl- tocopherol (Hoffmann-LaRoche) administered over a period of 8 hours. Blood samples were obtained from a central line immediately prior to, and at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 48 and 72 hours after E infusion. Dosages were: Group I, (n=4), (BW=1218 ± 216, GA=29.5 ± 2.6) = 5 mg/kg; Group II, (n=6), (BW=1091 ± 165, GA=28.5 ± 1.2) = 10 mg/kg; Group III, (n=7), (BW=1078 ± 267, GA=27.5 ± 1.2) = 15 mg/kg; Group IV, (n=6), (BW= 941 ± 115, GA=27.5 ± 1.2) = 20 mg/kg; Group V, (n=5), (BW=1040 ± 193, GA=30.8 ± 3.7) = 30 mg/kg. Pharmokinetic parameters were obtained by independent analysis of E concentration-time profile. Mean ±SD values for serum harmonic E half life (T1/2, hrs), volume of distribution (VD, L/kg), and serum clearance (sc, ml/kg/hr) for the groups are:

Infants in Group I and V had additional supplemental E (multivitamin in hyperalimentation) resulting in fluctuation of baseline values and alteration of apparent half life. These data should be useful for determination of dosage recommendations.

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Abbasi, S., Jensen, B., Johnson, L. et al. PHARMACOKINETICS OF INTRAVENOUS VITAMIN E IN PRETERM INFANTS. Pediatr Res 21, 232 (1987).

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