Hypergastrinemia (↑ G), hypopepsinogenemia (↓ PG1) and gastric parietal cells autoantibodies (PCA) are considered as markers of atrophic gastritis which is a common complication in diabetic adults.

We investigated 32 insulin treated, non ketotic IDDM children (5 to 18 yrs old). without any gastro-intestinal symptom, with diabetes lasting from 2 to 130 mos. ↑ G, ↓ PGl and PCA have been found (single or in association) in 7/32 subjects (21,8%; 4 F-3 M).

In 5 of them a multiple perendoscopic gastric biopsy showed the histological pattern of a chronic superficial gastritis of antral and fundic mucosa in 2 females without correlation with a duration of diabetes.

In conclusion:.

- A chronic superficial gastritis may be present, in single cases of IDDM. yet in the pediatric age. It may be clinically silent but ↑ G ↓ PGl and PCA seem to be useful indicators.

- The pathogenesis and the possible relationship with the atrophic gastritis of diabetic adult are still to be clarified.

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