The value of testicular biopsy in cryptorchidism


The prognostic value of testicular biopsies in cryptorchidism has been assessed in 24 children who have now reached adulthood. A significant positive correlation between the number of germ cells (S/T) in the biopsy and sperm count as well as number of normal sperm forms (NF) was found (p <5%, Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient). Thus, the testicular biopsy performed during orchiopexy is of prognostic value. The S/T, sperm count × 106 ml and NF were negatively correlated to basal plasma LH and FSH in adulthood (p <5%). A positive correlation was found between plasma testosterone and NF in ejaculates (p <5%). The hormonal findings suggest that in cryptorchid adults a serious tubular damage is related to an impaired Leydig cell function. The prognostic value with respect to fertility and the possibility of discovering carcinoma in situ cells justify a testicular biopsy in cryptorchid boys.

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Hadziselimovic, F., Girard, J., Hecker, E. et al. The value of testicular biopsy in cryptorchidism. Pediatr Res 18, 1217 (1984).

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