To know the role of HBs antigenemia in renal diseases in children,the incidences of positive HBs antigenemia by histology were compared,and clinico-immuno-pathological study was performed in 9 cases of positive antigenemia with nephrotic s.or abnormal urine.

HBs antigenemia was highly positive in MPGN and/or MN groups, although no significant difference between 2 entities. A case with acute HB hepatitis c̄ hematuria with transient HBs for 6 ms after hepatitis and a case with nephrotic S. and elevated serum IgE with transient HBs for 1 month both showed MC,wheras the other 7 cases with persistent HBs antigenemia and high incidence of persistent e antigenemia(6/7) revealed marked renal pathology:MPGN(3 cases), MN(3 cases) and PGN(1 case). HBs antigen was positive by IF only in a case with acute hepatitis and negative in 2 cases examined. Immune complex was positive in 3 cases in 3 examined by Rajii cell method and Clq solid phase EIA.Low C3,4,C1q were confirmed in 7/9.

The data suggests pathognomonic role of HBs antigenemia in MPGN as well as MN in chidren.

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Yamashita, F., Matsuo, H., Yoshimoto, M. et al. HBs ANTIGENEMIA ASSOCIATED NEPHROPATHY IN CHILDREN. Pediatr Res 14, 997 (1980). https://doi.org/10.1203/00006450-198008000-00145

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