Micellization Behavior of an Amphiphilic Statistical Copolymer in Water-Methanol Mixtures


Sedimentation equilibrium measurements were made on an amphiphilic statistical copolymer p(AMPS/C6) made of sodium 2-(acrylamido)-2-methylpropane-sulfonate (AMPS) and n-hexyl methacrylate (C6), dissolved in water-methanol mixtures with 0.2M LiClO4 and different methanol contents over a wide polymer concentration range. The experimental results were analyzed in terms of a micellar solution theory for amphiphilic polyelectrolytes to estimate the aggregation number m of the micelle and the internal free energy change Δm/m (per polymer chain) due to micellization. Both m and Δm/mdecreased with increasing the methanol content in the solvent. In addition, dynamic light scattering for the same copolymer system indicated that p(AMPS/C6) formed a uni-core star-like micelle in water-methanol mixture with the methanol mole fractions of 0 and 0.06.


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  • Micelle
  • Amphiphilic Polymer
  • Statistical Copolymer
  • Sedimentation Equilibrium
  • Dynamic Light Scattering

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