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Facile Synthetic Route Toward High Conversion Primary Aliphatic Poly(vinyl benzyl isocyanate) via Iodination

High Conversion Aliphatic Polyisocyanates via Iodination


Aliphatic isocyanato polymers, poly(vinyl benzyl isocyanate)s were synthesized via iodination and isocyanation from starting materials poly(vinyl benzyl chloride)s. This new process does not require phosgene which is highly toxic. This synthetic route takes advantage of the unique property of iodide ion which functions not only as a good nucleophile for iodination but also as a leaving group for isocyanation. The isocyanation conditions are mild with reaction temperatures ranging from 30 to 70 °C. In addition, the process is very efficient with conversions over 90%, yielding no dimer, trimer or other byproducts.


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  • Poly(vinylbenzyl isocyanate)
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