Polysilane Organogel with Hierarchical Structures Formed by Weak Intra-/Inter-chain Si/FC and van der Waals Interactions


A semiflexible polysilane copolymer bearing 3,3,3-trifluoropropyl and n-decyl side chains formed an organogel in nonpolar organic solvents. Weak Si/FC interchain/intrachain interactions were formed between the Si main chain and fluoropropyl side chain, and acted as noncovalent crosslinks. Long alkyl (n-decyl) groups acted as solvophilic moieties that effectively absorbed and retained organic solvent molecules. Furthermore, the relatively rigid main chain was also important for the gelation ability of the material. The existence of Si/FC interchain interactions was first demonstrated by careful IR measurement and analysis using a model silane molecule. Hierarchical structures at the meso- and nano-scale levels were successfully characterized by AFM, cryo-HR-TEM, IR, and 19F{29Si}-NOE NMR experiments.


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  • Organogel
  • Polysilane
  • Weak Interactions
  • van der Waals Interaction
  • Fluorophilicity
  • Phase Separation

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