Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering from Polystyrene Polymacromonomers in Cyclohexane


Small-angle X-ray scattering measurements have been made on seven polymacromonomer samples consisting of polystyrene with a fixed side chain length of 15 styrene residues in cyclohexane at 34.5 °C to obtain the z-average mean-square radius of gyration ‹S2z and the particle scattering function P(θ). The dependence of ‹S2z on the weight-average molecular weight Mw, which ranges from 5.1×103 to 1.8×105, is described by the wormlike chain with the model parameters explaining previous light scattering ‹S2z data for high molecular weights (6×105–7×106), when the effect of the chain diameter d and that of side chains near the main-chain ends on the polymacromonomer contour length L are incorporated into analysis. Scattering profiles in the form of the Kratky plot are also explained by the recent theory for the wormlike chain with a circular cross section unless the axial ratio L/d is less than 2, i.e., unless Mw is lower than 2.6×104. The conventional cross-section plot, i.e., the plot of ln[kP(θ)] vs. k2 with slope −d2/16, is found to be applicable to samples with L/d>2, where k denotes the magnitude of the scattering vector. It is concluded from further analysis of the ‹S2z data combined with previous transport coefficient data that the wormlike cylinder model, a smeared model for regular comb polymers, consistently explains the molecular weight dependence of ‹S2z, intrinsic viscosity, and translational diffusion coefficient for the polystyrene polymacromonomer in cyclohexane over a broad range of molecular weight. The applicability of a semiflexible comb model consisting of wormlike main and side chains to ‹S2z and P(θ) is also examined.


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  • Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering
  • Polymacromonomer
  • Comb Polymer
  • Radius of Gyration
  • Scattering Function
  • Theta Solvent
  • Chain Thickness
  • End Effect