Table 2: Papers in the accounting research that use language and gender

From: New avenues of research to explain the rarity of females at the top of the accountancy profession

Authors Title Journal Date Area Country sample Methods
Duff A and Mladenovic R Antecedents and consequences of accounting students’ approaches to learning: A cluster analytic approach British Accounting Review 2015 Accounting Education Australia Language and gender are used as variables to control for assessing accounting teaching methods.
Edgley C, Sharma N and Anderson-Gough F Diversity and professionalism in the Big Four firms: Expectation, celebration and weapon in the battle for talent Critical Perspectives on Accounting 2016 Accounting Profession The United Kingdom, the United States and Canada Language is an institutional factor that explains the lack of diversity.
Belliveau M Engendering inequity? How social accounts create vs. merely explain unfavourable pay outcomes for women. Organization Sciences 2012 Accounting Profession The United States Accounting is seen as a language, and gender is a dichotomous variable.
Nouri H and Douglas Clinton B Gender, media presentation, and concern with the correct use of words—testing a three way-interaction. Accounting Education 2006 Accounting Education The United States Language and gender are used as explanatory variables.
Tan LM and Laswad F Impact of prior content and meta-cognitive knowledge on students’ performance in an introductory accounting course Pacific Accounting Review 2008 Accounting Education New Zealand Gender and language are determinants of teaching performance.
Borthick A and Clark R Improving Accounting Majors’ Writing Quality: The Role of Language Analysis in Attention Directing Issues in Accounting Education 1987 Accounting Education The United States Language and gender are variables.
  Inside AICPA Journal of Accountancy 1996 Accounting Profession The United States Language and gender are studied as variables.
Haynes K Sexuality and sexual symbolism as processes of gendered identity formation. An autoethnography of an accounting firm. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 2013 Accounting Profession The United Kingdom Language is a variable to understand gendered power.
Jackling B and Anderson A Study mode, general ability and performance in accounting: a research note Accounting Education 1998 Accounting Education Australia Gender and language are variables that explain student performance.
Weil S, Oyelere P and Rainsbury E The usefulness of case studies in developing core competencies in a professional accounting programme: a New Zealand study Accounting Education 2004 Accounting Education New Zealand Language and gender are variables.