Table 4: Associations with log HOMA-IR and ISI(0,120)

From: Enhanced insulin sensitivity in successful, long-term weight loss maintainers compared with matched controls with no weight loss history

 Correlation coeff. Correlation coeff.
 Log HOMALog ISI(0,120) Log HOMALog ISI(0,120)
Weight loss history  Dietary  
 BW lost (%)−0.2910.253 Protein (g kg−1)−0.2760.158
 BW regained (%)0.245−0.319Physical activity  
Body composition  Sedentary time (min per day)0.285−0.109
 BMI (kg m−2)0.477*−0.436* Light activity(min per day)−0.3020.124
 WC (cm)0.481*−0.479* Vigorous activity(min per day)−0.3490.263
 HC (cm)0.407−0.457 VO2max (ml O2 per kg min−1)−0.4290.431
 WHR0.362−0.341*Substrate utilization  
 Fat mass (kg)0.468*−0.417 Fasting RQ0.338−0.311
 Body fat (%)0.523*−0.508*   
  1. Abbreviations: BMI, body mass index; BW, body weight; Coeff: coefficient; HC, hip circumference; HOMA-IR, Homeostatic Model Assessment; ISI, insulin sensitivity index; RQ, respiratory quotient; VO2max, maximal volume of oxygen consumption; WC, waist circumference; WHR, waist-to-hip ratio.
  2. Log HOMA-IR: BW regained: P= 0.071. Log ISI(0,120): BW lost: P=0.063; Vigorous activity: P=0.065.
  3. P<0.05.
  4. P<0.005.
  5. P<0.001.