Table 2: Dietary intake, physical activity and metabolic measurements

From: Enhanced insulin sensitivity in successful, long-term weight loss maintainers compared with matched controls with no weight loss history

 LSW (n=19)RED (n=15)OSW (n=11)REL (n=11)
Dietary intake
 Energy (kcal per day)1660a1547b21761572
 Energy (kcal kg−1)25.±4.525.5±7.125.6±5.620.96±8.4
 Fat (%TE)32.1±6.9a36.9±6.840.3±7.035.4±8.8
 CHO (% TE)53.4±10.0a44.8±10.342.8±8.444.8±9.4
 Protein (% TE)
 Protein (g kg−1)0.9±0.261.15±0.231.11±0.331.01±0.34
Physical activity
 VO2max (ml O2 min−1 kg−1)37.4±6.339.9±4.930.2±3.833.1±5.9
 Sedentary (min per day)1186111811551172
 Light (min per day)177209210167
 Moderate (min per day)791118693
 Vigorous (min per day)04.1b00
Metabolic measurements
 RMR (kcal per day)1,423±1481,536±1751,518±2561,581±308
 RMR per kg FFM (kcal kg−1 FFM per day)32.4±3.332.3±2.431.1±5.229.9±4.6
  1. Abbreviations: FFM, fat free mass; LSW, stable low-weight; OSW, obese stable weight; RED, reduced; REL, relapsed; RMR, resting metabolic rate; RQ, respiratory quotient; TE, total energy; VO2max, maximal volume of oxygen consumption.
  2. Significant differences (P<0.05).
  3. aLSW and OSW.
  4. bRED and OSW.