Table 4: Effect of carbohydrate treatments on blood glucose, insulin, PYY, Ghrelin and GLP1 concentrations at baseline (0 min), after meal (30 min) and post-meal (30–120 min): experiment-2

From: The effects of potatoes and other carbohydrate side dishes consumed with meat on food intake, glycemia and satiety response in children

TreatmentsExperiment 2
 Before meal (0 min)End meal (30 min)Post-meal (30–120 min)
Blood glucose (mmol l−1)
 Rice5.22±0.17.31±0.3 ab6.73±0.2 a
 Pasta5.18±0.17.56±0.3 a6.82±0.1 a
 BMP5.21±0.17.59±0.4 a6.87±0.2 a
 BFF5.23±0.17.70±0.4 a7.09±0.2 a
 FFF5.15±0.16.60±0.2 b6.25±0.1 b
Plasma insulin (μU ml-1)
 Rice7.37±1.166.09±15.4 ab49.44±6.3 ab
 Pasta5.79±0.677.29±9.1 ab54.39±5.2 ab
 BMP6.14±0.766.76±9.6 ab52.18±6.2 ab
 BFF6.41±0.887.21±15.1 a65.53±7.1 a
 FFF6.01±0.848.20±6.9 b39.43±3.3 b
GLP1 (pg ml1)
Active ghrelin (pg ml-1)
 Rice303.2±49.9220.6±43.4206.49±24.7 ab
 Pasta347.7±52.3255.8±44.7208.55±23.8 a
 BMP292.6±46.9203.5±40.6182.73±25.7 ab
 BFF294.7±54.1196.4±50.2162.99±21.9 ab
 FFF270.6±46.1190.7±29.8157.47±13.5 b
PYY (pg ml-1)
 Rice125.6±9.8163.3±10.8158.61±5.2 ab
 Pasta122.9±7.9168.1±13.3162.98±6.4 ab
 BMP120.8±8.3157.5±10.4148.72±5.3 a
 BFF127.8±10.6174.8±9.3173.41±7.7 b
 FFF132.6±12.2167.6±11.4168.87±6.8 b
  1. Abbreviations: ANOVA, analysis of variance; BFF, baked French fries; BMP, boiled and mashed potato; FFF, fried French fries.
  2. Effect of the treatments on mean glucose, insulin, GLP1, ghrelin and PYY concentrations at baseline/before meal (0 min), after meal (30 min) and post-meal (30–120 min). Values are means (n=12), with their standard errors. Mean values with unlike letters were significantly different (P<0.05; one-way ANOVA followed by Tukey–Kramer post hoc test).