Table 1: Nutritional composition of potatoes, rice, pasta and meat

From: The effects of potatoes and other carbohydrate side dishes consumed with meat on food intake, glycemia and satiety response in children

per 100 gRicePastaBMPBFFFFFMeatballs
Protein (g)3.865.451.293.823.8317.60
Fat (g)4.482.543.936.1113.209.40
Carbohydrate (g)36.0025.6013.5043.9030.608.20
Calories (kcal)200.00147.0095.00246.00256.00188.00
Glycemic index (WB)5764916470N/A
Moisture (g)55.1065.3080.5044.5051.2049.40
  1. Abbreviations: BFF, baked French fries; BMP, boiled and mashed potato; FFF, fried French fries; N/A, not applicable; WB, white bread.
  2. Values presented per 100 g.