Table 3 Circulating insulin (pg ml1) increased with HFD and Alc+HFD

From: Effect of multiple binge alcohol on diet-induced liver injury in a mouse model of obesity

Treatment Insulin (pg ml1)
Chow 764.6±369.2
Alcohol 958.6±159.2
HFD 2780±572.0a
Alcohol+HFD 3362±867.4a,b
  1. Abbreviations: Alc, alcohol; HFD, high fat diet. Circulating insulin significantly increased in mice treated with HFD and Alc+HFD (n=7–8). Data are mean±s.d.
  2. aP<0.0001 compared with Chow.
  3. bP<0.0001 compared with Alcohol.