Table 1 Treatments had no effect on kidney-, heart-, spleen-to-body weight

From: Effect of multiple binge alcohol on diet-induced liver injury in a mouse model of obesity

  Chow Alcohol HFD Alcohol+HFD
Kidney 1.00±0.18 1.13±0.05 1.11±0.09 1.03±0.14
Heart 1.00±0.16 0.93±0.09 0.98±0.13 1.01±0.19
Spleen 1.00±0.13 1.11±0.35 1.31±0.45 1.11±0.25
  1. Abbreviation: HFD, high fat diet. No significant change in weight (fold-change from Chow) was observed for kidney, heart and spleen with treatments (n=7–8). Data are mean±s.d.