Table 1 Biochemical parameters in obese-prone and lean-prone JCR:LA-cp rats following CR

From: Differential expression of hypothalamic, metabolic and inflammatory genes in response to short-term calorie restriction in juvenile obese- and lean-prone JCR rats

  Lean-prone rats Obese-prone rats
  Lean-FF Lean-FR Obese-FF Obese-FR
Triglycerides (mg dl−1) 77.1±3.1a 29.6±2.4b 244.3±21.7c 134.8±27.8d
Cholesterol (mg dl−1) 76.3±1.5a 58.2±1.3b 126.6±13.2c 96.8±6.7c
Glucose (mg dl−1) 140.1±5.6a 139.3 ±10.7a 206.1±6.7b 149.4±12.0c
Insulin (ng ml−1) 1.7±0.9a ND 16.7±8.7b 4.7±1.4c
  1. Abbreviations: ANOVA, analysis of variance; CR, caloric restriction; FF, free fed; FR, food restricted; Lean-FF, lean free feeding; Lean-FR, lean food restricted; ND, non-detected; Obese-FF, obese free feeding; Obese-FR, obese food restricted.
  2. Values are mean±s.e.m. The superscripts a, b, c and d are used to denote statistical differences among groups. Within the same row, means with different superscripts (corresponding to the results from follow-up tests using one-way ANOVAs with post-hoc comparisons) are significantly different (P<0.05).