Table 4: Correlation of acute changes with improvement in HOMA-IR at 5 days

From: Acylation stimulating protein reduction precedes insulin sensitization after BPD-DS bariatric surgery in severely obese women

 Model 1Model 2
Dependent variableHOMA-IR (5 days)ΔHOMA-IR (5 days)
R2 (P-value)0.454 (P<0.001)0.351 (P<0.001)
Independent variables (24 h)%Δ-ASP (P=0.001)%Δ-ASP (P=0.001)
 Δ-HDL (P<0.001)HDL (P=0.009)
 hsCRP (P=0.020)hsCRP (P=0.036)
 Total cholesterol (P<0.001) 
  1. For dependent variables, HOMA-IR at 5 days and ΔHOMA-IR (5-day value —preop. value) were used. Independent variables included all variables shown in Tables 1 and 2 and Figure 1 at 24 h, or the change in these variables at 24 h (24-h value—preop. value). Forward stepwise regression analysis was used, with the model explaining the greatest variability presented.