Table 2: Summary of metabolic parameters in C57B6 mice fed varying high-fat diet with or without KAA supplementation

From: Dietary lipid-dependent regulation of de novo lipogenesis and lipid partitioning by ketogenic essential amino acids in mice

 LFD (n=6)Cont. (n=6)KAA (n=6)Cont. (n=6)KAA (n=6)Cont. (n=6)KAA (n=6)
Glucose (mg dl−1)189.5±5.3196.7±4.8169.8±9.8#209.0±7.1187.3±12.7220.7±3.1*211.3±9.2
Triglyceride (mg dl−1)182.5±5.7198.3±4.8182.7±6.6185.4±9.7181.0±8.1198.1±5175.9±8.3#
Cholesterol (mg dl−1)186.0±4.8197.5±3.7177.5±7.2#197.2±7.6184.2± 8.4209.4±2.7*193.6±8.7
  1. Abbreviations: FO, safflower oil; HFD, high-fat diet; KAA, ketogenic amino acid; LFD, low-fat diet; PO, palm oil; SO, soy oil.
  2. Data represent mean±s.e.m. *P<0.05 for all high-fat groups compared with LFD group; #P<0.05 for high-KAA group with control HFD.