Erratum: Corrigendum: The refined structure of nascent HDL reveals a key functional domain for particle maturation and dysfunction

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Nat. Struct. & Mol. Bio. 14, 861–868 (2007); published online 5 August 2007; corrected after print 27 February 2008

In the version of this article initially published, Figures 2c,d,e and 5 showed an incorrect model for discoidal HDL, with the apoA1 molecules in a clockwise orientation, in contrast with their counterclockwise orientation in the final model described in the text. The correct model is deposited under the same accession number, PM0074956, at The error has been corrected in the PDF and HTML versions of the article.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/nsmb1284

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