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Structural basis for substrate specificities of cellular deoxyribosenucleoside kinases

Nature Structural Biology volume 8, pages 818819 (2001) | Download Citation


Kenneth Johansson, S. Ramaswamy, Catarina Ljungcrantz, Wolfgang Knecht, Jure Piškur, Birgitte Munch-Petersen, Staffan Eriksson and Hans Eklund  Nature Struct. Biol. 8 616–620 (2001).

A production error resulted in several mistakes in the Tables of this paper. In Table 1, the amino acid type of several residues was incorrectly printed; one table heading was incorrectly aligned. For clarity, the corrected Table 1 is reprinted on the next page. The dimension of the a-axis for the native dNK crystal is incorrectly printed in Table 2. The correct value is a = 119.5 Å. We apologize for any confusion these may have caused.

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