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Kidneys and women's health: key challenges and considerations


The theme of World Kidney Day 2018 is 'kidneys and women's health: include, value, empower'. To mark this event, Nature Reviews Nephrology asked four leading researchers to discuss key considerations related to women's kidney health, including specific risk factors, as well as the main challenges and barriers to care for women with kidney disease and how these might be overcome. They also discuss policies and systems that could be implemented to improve the kidney health of women and their offspring and the areas of research that are needed to improve the outcomes of kidney disease in women.

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Figure 1: The male:female ratio of the incidence of end-stage renal disease across the lifespan.
Figure 2: Key factors that underlie poor kidney health and adverse outcomes in women.


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L.L. is grateful to have worked with and learned from thousands of women patients, as well as innumerable wise women colleagues near and far, all of whom have informed her answers.

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All authors contributed equally to the preparation of this manuscript.

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Correspondence to Gloria E. Ashuntantang or Vesna D. Garovic or Ita P. Heilberg or Liz Lightstone.

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The authors declare no competing financial interests.

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