In eukaryotic cells, intracellular transport largely depends on microtubules and their motors, accompanied by adaptor and regulatory proteins. Reck-Peterson and colleagues previously performed a screen to identify novel regulators of organelle transport in the filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans. Now, they have used this data set to study the regulation of peroxisome dynamics, focusing on a protein they named peroxisome distribution mutant A (PxdA), which they found to specifically affect peroxisome distribution. The authors revealed that PxdA is associated not only with peroxisomes, but also with moving endosomes, and that a large fraction of peroxisomes are not directly transported by microtubule motors but hitchhike on endosomes, using PxdA as a linker. Endosomal hitchhiking has previously been reported in other fungi, and it would be interesting to investigate whether similar mechanisms operate in higher eukaryotes.