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100 S. cerevisiae genomes

Strope et al. present a new “100-genomes” strains resource for the model organism Saccharomyces cerevisiae. For a selected 93 strains, representing a diversity of geographical and environmental origins, the authors report whole-genome sequencing, de novo assembly and manual annotation to near-reference quality. Comparison of strains from human-associated environmental or clinical strains allowed the identification of genetic and phenotypic factors associated with clinical origins and the emergence of S. cerevisiae as an opportunistic pathogen.


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    Strope, P. K. et al. The 100-genomes strains, an S. cerevisiae resource that illuminates its natural phenotypic and genotypic variation and emergence as an opportunistic pathogen. Genome Res. (2015)

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Bahcall, O. 100 S. cerevisiae genomes. Nat Rev Genet 16, 257 (2015).

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