Table 1 Women geneticists at Cambridge University, 1900–1910

From: Opportunities for women in early genetics

Name Date of birth and death College affiliation Research Interests
Darwin, Nora (Mrs Alan Barlow) 1885–1989 None Trimorphic forms (primroses, Lythrum and Oxalis)
Durham, Florence Margaret 1869–1948 Girton Coat colour in mice and canaries
Killby, Hilda Nanette Blanche Praeger 1877–1962 Newnham Heredity in goats, rabbits and peas
Marryat, Dorothea Charlotte Edith (Mrs J. J. Lister) 1880–1928 Newnham Eye colour and sex in canaries; variation in Mirabilis jalapa
Saunders, Edith Rebecca (Becky) 1865–1945 Newnham Biscutella laevigata, Datura, Matthiola and Atropa
Sollas, Igerna Brünhild Johnson (Hilda) 1877–1965 Newnham Coat colour in guinea pigs and wing coloration in moths
Wheldale, Muriel (the Right Honourable Mrs Huia Onslow) 1880–1932 Newnham Flower colour in Antirrhinum and plant pigmentation in general