9aaTAD Prediction result (2006)


Recently reported, 9aaTAD transcription factors p53, VP16, MLL/ALL, E2A, HSF1, NF-IL6, NFAT1 and NF-kB interact directly with the general coactivator CBP/p300 aside from already referred TAF9. All four domains of CBP/p300 - KIX, TAZ1, TAZ2 and IBiD provide multiple interactions with 9aaTADs, e.g. p53. Annotation of predicted 9aa TAD using Pattern search ScanProsite on ExPASy and relevant experimental data are listed.

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Piskacek, M. 9aaTAD Prediction result (2006). Nat Prec (2009). https://doi.org/10.1038/npre.2009.3984.1

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  • 9aaTAD
  • medical biochemistry
  • molecular genetics

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