Table 1: AEA and 2-AG Levels in Rats Subjected to the Extinction Sessions (Ext), in Rats Never Exposed to the Extinction Sessions (No-Ext) and in a Home-Cage Control Group (CTRL), in the Hippocampus (HIPP), Prefrontal Cortex (PFC), and Amygdala (AMY)

From: Enhancing Endocannabinoid Neurotransmission Augments The Efficacy of Extinction Training and Ameliorates Traumatic Stress-Induced Behavioral Alterations in Rats

 AEA (pmol/g tissue)2-AG (nmol/g tissue)
HIPP36.43±2.3029.42±1.24 a34.84±2.1515.93±1.4415.79±0.9315.72±1.13
  1. aP<0.05 vs the corresponding CTRL group. Data are expressed as mean±SEM (n=8–10 per group).