Table 2: Within- and Between-Group Differences in Amygdala and Dorsal Anterior Cingulate Cortex (dACC) Resting-State Functional Connectivity for Naturally Cycling Placebo Users and Oral Contraceptive Users

From: Hormonal Cycle and Contraceptive Effects on Amygdala and Salience Resting-State Networks in Women with Previous Affective Side Effects on the Pill

 BAxyzz-ScoreCluster size
Within-group differences for naturally cycling placebo users
 Luteal phase>baseline follicular phase      
  Left amygdala      
   Cerebellum −48−75−364.2835
   Paracentral lobule5−3−36514.00123
   Superior frontal gyrus103660213.7334
  Right amygdala      
    Middle frontal gyrus 4254−94.5737
  Left dACC      
   Middle frontal gyrus 3651−154.3649
   Superior temporal gyrus 60−1564.0731
   Transverse temporal gyrus41−51−27123.8154
  Right dACC      
   Middle frontal gyrus103648153.9041
   Transverse temporal gyrus4260−1593.8749
   Postcentral gyrus43−54−15153.6229
Within-group differences for oral contraceptive users
 Baseline follicular phase>during treatment      
  Right amygdala      
   Postcentral gyrus40−51−36544.0328
 During treatment>baseline follicular phase      
  Left dACC      
   Precuneus 0−63334.8270
  Right dACC      
   Superior frontal gyrus10−366184.6638
Between-group differences
 Naturally cycling placebo users in the luteal phase>OC users during treatment      
  Left amygdala      
   Postcentral gyrus3−54−21424.3442
  Left dACC      
   Precuneus 0−54633.9253
  1. All clusters are significant at p<0.05 family-wise error (FWE) corrected for multiple comparisons. Secondary local maxima within the significant clusters are not listed.