Table 1: Subject Characteristics

From: Beer Flavor Provokes Striatal Dopamine Release in Male Drinkers: Mediation by Family History of Alcoholism

 Mean ± (SD)Rangen (%)
Age24.7 (3.5)21–35 
Caucasian44 (90%)
Education15.5 (1.6)11–19 
AUD relativesa1.0 (1.1)0–5 
Drinks per weekb16.5 (11.3)2–45 
Drinks per drinking dayb5.5 (3.4)1–13 
Heavy drinking days per weekb,c1.5 (1.3)0–6 
AUDITd10.2 (5.7)1–26 
  1. aNumber of first or second degree relatives with alcohol use disorder by self-report.
  2. bFrom the Timeline Followback Interview.
  3. cGreater than five drinks per day.
  4. dAlcohol Use Disorder Identification Test.