Table 1: Relationships between mGluR1/5 and trafficking proteins in the CA1 region

From: Molecular evidence of synaptic pathology in the CA1 region in schizophrenia

  Controls Schizophrenia
  Total Monomer Dimer Total Monomer Dimer
 Homer1a r=−0.654** P=0.004 r=−0.612** P=0.005 r=−0.429 P=0.059 r=−0.239 P=0.390 r=−0.071 P=0.795 r=−0.287 P=0.264
 Homer1b/c r=0.331 P=0.195 r=0.549* P=0.015 r=0.361 P=0.118 r=0.218 P=0.455 r=0.064 P=0.820 r=0.153 P=0.572
 PSD95 r=0.612* P=0.012 r=0.465 P=0.052 r=0.530* P=0.020 r=0.409 P=0.116 r=0.365 P=0.149 r=0.337 P=0.171
 Tamalin r=0.463 P=0.061 r=0.500* P=0.029 r=0.376 P=0.102 r=0.526* P=0.036 r=0.395 P=0.117 r=0.348 P=0.157
 Homer1a r=−0.236 P=0.316 r=0.221 P=0.349 r=0.286 P=0.222 r=0.224 P=0.372 r=−0.09 P=0.723 r=−0.051 P=0.842
 Homer1b/c r=−0.116 P=0.627 r=0.253 P=0.283 r=0.060 P=0.801 r=0.191 P=0.462 r=0.422 P=0.092 r=0.414 P=0.098
 PSD95 r=0.074 P=0.764 r=0.111 P=0.652 r=0.168 P=0.491 r=0.291 P=0.226 r=0.621** P=0.005 r=0.716** P=0.001
 Tamalin r=−0.029 P=0.905 r=0.334 P=0.150 r=0.292 P=0.212 r=0.132 P=0.591 r=0.611** P=0.005 r=0.686** P=0.001
  1. Abbreviations: mGluR1/5, metabotropic glutamate receptor 1/5; PSD95, postsynaptic density protein 95; r, correlation coefficient.
  2. Significant values are mentioned in bold font. *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001.