Table 6 Other European surveys and studies of patients with asthma

From: Asthma control and management in 8,000 European patients: the REcognise Asthma and LInk to Symptoms and Experience (REALISE) survey

Study name Number of countries a Number of patients Age, years Survey design Prevalence of uncontrolled asthma Experienced symptoms Rescue medication use
European National Health and Wellness Survey5 (2010 data) 5 3,848 18 and above Repeated cross-sectional survey 54% (‘not well-controlled’) NR as percentage of patients ~75% >2 times per week (not well-controlled population)
The Living and Breathing study20 1 517 14–65 Quantitative face-to-face interview NR 66% (>2 times per week) 32% daily
Global Asthma Insights and Reality Survey16 7 2,803 Children (<16) and adults Telephone questionnaire NR 56% (in the previous 4 weeks) NR
International Control of Asthma Symptoms17 7b 802 16 and above Computer-aided telephone interview 82% (‘absence of control’) 74% (in the previous 8 weeks) 62% (>1 use in the previous 8 weeks)
Asthma Insight and Management in Europe and Canada (EUCAN AIM) survey25 5 2,019 Adolescents (12–17) and adults Telephone interview 12–35%c 13–29%c (every day or most days in the previous 4 weeks) 31–56%c (>1 use per week, over the past year)
UK asthma survey38 1 1,083 18 and above Online questionnaire survey NR 65% (in the past 2 years) 41% (1/day)
Understanding patients with asthma and COPD18 5 1,022 18 and above Online questionnaire survey 38% (ACQ >1.5) NR 58% (>1–2 most days)
  1. Abbreviations: ACQ, Asthma Control Questionnaire; COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; NR, not reported.
  2. aUnless otherwise specified, only European countries are included in this table.
  3. bIncludes Canada and Australia.
  4. cRange across all countries.