Corrigendum | Published:

Corrigendum: Rotational state-changing cold collisions of hydroxyl ions with helium

Nature Physics volume 11, page 978 (2015) | Download Citation


Nature Physics 11, 467–470 (2015); published online 18 May 2015; corrected after print 1 October 2015.

In the version of this Letter originally published the given rotational temperature of the trapped anions was obtained with an incorrect fit function, which also resulted in an overestimation of the measured inelastic rate coefficients. The correct rotational temperature is 22 K. With this rotational temperature the fit to the depletion data yields smaller inelastic collision rates, which are shown in Fig. 2c, and smaller measured inelastic collision rate coefficients, which are shown in Fig. 3b. Corrected versions of Figs 1, 2c and 3b are shown below. The measured rate coefficients are slightly smaller than the computed rate coefficients. Quantitative agreement is confirmed for the ratio of the computed and measured rate coefficients for the OH and OD isotopes. These errors have been corrected in the online versions of the Letter.

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