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Quantum simulations with trapped ions


In the field of quantum simulation, methods and tools are explored for simulating the dynamics of a quantum system of interest with another system that is easier to control and measure. Systems of trapped atomic ions can be accurately controlled and manipulated, a large variety of interactions can be engineered with high precision and measurements of relevant observables can be obtained with nearly 100% efficiency. Here, we discuss prospects for quantum simulations using systems of trapped ions, and review the available set of quantum operations and first proof-of-principle experiments for both analog and digital quantum simulations with trapped ions.

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Figure 1: Principles of quantum simulation.
Figure 2: Trapped-ion quantum system used for quantum-information processing.
Figure 3: Magnetization data.
Figure 4: Quantum simulation of relativistic scattering (Klein tunnelling) for linear potentials.
Figure 5: Quantum toolbox with a string of trapped ions.
Figure 6: Digital simulations of a two-spin system interacting through Ising, XY and XYZ interaction plus a transverse field.
Figure 7: Digital simulations of four- and six-spin systems.


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We gratefully acknowledge support by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), by the European Commission (SCALA, AQUTE networks, STREP project MICROTRAP), by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity and by the Institut für Quanteninformation GmbH.

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