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Addendum: Computational high-resolution optical imaging of the living human retina

Nature Photonics volume 9, page 702 (2015) | Download Citation

Nature Photonics 9, 440–443 (2015); published online 22 June 2015; corrected after print 10 September 2015.

The authors acknowledge that two highly relevant manuscripts should have been cited in this Letter:

Meitav, N. & Ribak, E. N. Improving retinal image resolution with iterative weighted shift-and-add. J. Opt. Soc. Am. A 28, 1395–1402 (2011)

Meitav, N. & Ribak, E. N. Estimation of the ocular point spread function by retina modeling. Opt Lett. 37, 1466–1468 (2012)

These manuscripts report progress towards in vivo high-resolution retinal imaging without using hardware-based adaptive optics by averaging out high-order, temporally changing aberrations, and by applying various image filters to the intensity of backscattered optical signals.

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